PlatSil Gels (Gel-10)

The PlatSil Gel series product line consists of three 1A:1B platinum silicone rubbers with a 5-6 minute working time that cure in 30 minutes (or 1 hour in the case of Gel-25) to a Shore A~10 hardness (PlatSil Gel-10) or a much softer Shore OO hardness of 30 (PlatSil Gel-OO), or a higher A25 for the new Gel-25. PlatSil Gels cure "water-white translucent" so they may be pigmented to any color using our selection of silicone pigments. PlatSil Gels may also be adjusted in cured hardness by adding varying amounts of Part H hardener or Deadener. Use PlatSil Gels to create prosthetic appliances, skins, silicone dolls, medical simulators, silicone makeup, for lifecasting as well as for general RTV silicone mold making.


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    Gel-25 Lifecasting Kit Gel-25 Molding Kit PlatSil Silicone Painting Kit
    Gel-25 Lifecasting KitGel-25 Molding KitPlatSil Silicone Painting Kit

    PlatSil Gel-25 Lifecasting kit for body and head molds.

    PlatSil Gel-25 Molding kit for fast, 2 piece molds.

    PlatSil Silicone Painting Kit for painting translucent PlatSil Silicone.




    Sculpt Gel Kit Clear Silicone Casting Kit
    Sculpt Gel Kit ClearSilicone Casting Kit

    Sculpt Gel Clear 300 Gram Kit

    Cast up silicone masks or silicone babies.



    1 - 5 of 5 items

    PlatSil Gels may be cast into platinum silicone molds (released with 2350), plaster or stone molds (released with Mold Soat & 2500 or Epoxy Parfilm), 1512 or Easy Flo resin molds (released with 2500 or Epoxy Parfilm), or cured, clean, 74-30 and 74-30 Clear molds (No release required).

    Platsil Gels may also be used for lifecasting provided any skin surface is clean and released with Vaseline. See our lifecasting video tutorials for more information.

    PlatSil Gels may be thickened to a paste with the addition of PlatThix or TinThix thickener for moldmaking or brushing skins into large molds.

    PlatSil Gel-10, Gel-25, and PlatSil Gel-OO share all the same array of accessory additives (including Smith's Deadener) making it easy to use either system. In fact, PlatSil Gel-10 an Gel-OO can be combined in any ratio (keeping their individual A's and B's 1:1) to make any hardness silicone gel between a Shore A~10 and a OO~30. New Gel-25 may be softened to a OO30 with Deadener LV and hardened to an A40 by adding the Part H hardener.

    Because of the fast cure time of Gel series silicones, they also lend themselves to fast mold making. Gel-10 is popular for simple 1 piece, seamless molds as it has a high stretch or elongation. Gel-10 and Gel-25 are both excellent mold mateials.