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    Cut Throat 1 Hot Wire Foam Mini-Scroll Table Polytek PlatSil Gel-10 Silicone Mold Rubber
    Cut Throat 1Hot Wire Foam Mini-Scroll TablePlatSil Gel-10 Pint Kit (2 Lbs)

    Stuart Bray Cut Throat 1 Flat Mold

    This is a compact version of the popular crafter's scroll table. This is great for small projects such as cutting out lettering in foam or scale model parts.

    Platinum Silicone Skin Material






    PlatSil Gel-25 16lb Kit PlatSil Gel-25 80lb Kit Fundamentals of Silicone Skins, by BITY Mold Supply
    PlatSil Gel-25 16lb KitPlatSil Gel-25 80lb KitFundamentals of Silicone Skins

    New Platsil Gel-25 is the most versatile silicone system yet. May be adjusted from 00-A40.

    80lb kit (2 5 Gal. Pails) New Platsil Gel-25 is a super versatile FX silicone that may be adjusted to any A value, from 00 to A40 with the addition of the New part H hardener or the New Deadener LV. Mixed 1A:1B Gel-25 cures to A25.

    Learn the process of molding and casting silicone skins.





    This is create. EasyFlo 60 Resin Introduction to Metal Coatings and Patinas and Hot and Cold Patina Applications DVD's
    This is Create - T-shirtEasyFlo 60 - Quart Kit (3.8 lb)Sculpt Nouveau DVD - Bundle

    "This is Create"  The T-shirt.

    Front Print. White Print on Black T-Shirt.

    Ultra Low Viscosity Casting Resin- White

    2 DVD's covering Metal Coatings and Patinas




    Polytek Mold Making Manual
    Polytek Mold Making Catalog

    Download of Polytek's Mold Making Catalog.